We're Passionate About Our Community

The Glenwood and District Economic Development Society is a group of action oriented, progressive thinkers in and around Glenwood, Alberta. Registered as a not-for-profit society in 2012, members of the group include the Village of Glenwood, the County of Cardston, and several local business people. 

Our Vision

Our vision is for Glenwood and District to be a thriving, resilient, prosperous community that is attractive and promotes quality of life, and is a friendly and harmonious community that embraces small town values and is inclusive of all. 

Our Mission

The Glenwood and District Economic Development Society’s mission is to strengthen and develop Glenwood’s economy by initiating and facilitating proactive economic development strategies and promoting Glenwood as an excellent place to live, learn, invest, visit, do business and experience small town community values.

Our Core Values & Guiding Principles


Resiliency is the ability to identify and overcome challenges and become stronger, wiser and more sustainable.


Accountability is achieved by leading by example and being open and truthful with the board and community.


Openness is being open minded to new ideas and respectful of others’ knowledge and opinions.


Positivity: inspiring through optimism and encouraging new ideas in order to succeed as a community.


Communication: two-way communication that empowers others and creates a safe space to share ideas.

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