GEO Barn Board Crafts

Original Artwork Created on Reclaimed Barn Board


Our projects are unique originals, all hand made from barn board. Every piece displays the natural knots and grains of the woods of the past. 

Our work also contains custom projects of various sizes. Examples of some larger projects are, side tables, benches, office desk, bars, shelving, metal signage and metal tables, etc.


Smaller pieces include ornamental decorations, various shelving , wildlife plaques, paintings of horses and nature on barn board, and large rustic stars. 

These projects are fashioned with care and finished to provide a rustic, natural look. 

We can provide special custom orders of wood with some metal crafts included.

Geo Barnboard Crafts

Georgette Laing

Box 1172

Glenwood, AB. T0K 2R0