Imagine Your Life in Glenwood & District

Some call this little corner of the world stunning, beautiful, or incredible, and wish they could stay forever. Others call it the land of opportunity, or their place in the country. Some even say that it is as close to heaven as a person can get. 


We just call it home. And you can, too. 

Glenwood is an incredible place to call home. Located in the southwest corner of the province, the Village not only offers visually arresting mountain vistas and wide open spaces, but is renowned as a welcoming, family-oriented rural community.  


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Making a New Life
at the Old Home

"I left Glenwood in my 20s. I always had a connection to it. When the opportunity arose to come back, I jumped on it. It's friendly and has a great school High speed internet has allowed us to work from home while enjoying a beautiful, peaceful setting, and it's so affordable. Best decision ever!"

Dave Layton,

Whisper Valley Campground and RV Park, Glenwood, AB


This small, close-knit community is anything but dull. Fine out what's going on this month in the Neighbourly News. Activities and services abound for everyone, from young families to seniors, including, but not limited to:
- The Aged Cheese Club (Seniors)
- Boy Scouts 

- Triathalon

- Recreation Board

- Activities for all ages through the Glenwood Library

- Quilt Club

- Communities in Bloom Committee

- Parent-Child Mother Goose