Are you a fly-tying master? A cheese-making guru? Do you know the very best places to catch a fleeting glimpse of the black throated blue warbler? Or the precise day and location the carnivorous hairy butterwort erupts with purple flowers? Experiential tourism is THE trend in the industry. Turn your passion and skills into income by offering seminar sessions, camps, or guided tours for visitors to the area.

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Quaint boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, cabins and hostels are all under-represented in rural southern Alberta, including Glenwood and district. If your nest is now empty and you are looking for a new, or additional revenue source, you may want to consider converting that big old farm house into a moneymaker. the Glenwood EDS can connect you with information, resources, and connections at Travel Alberta and other regional agencies to help get you started. Dust off that breadmaker!

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Farm Stay / Ag Tourism / Guest Ranch

Another underserved sector in the local tourism market is Ag Tourism. This up-an-coming area is a huge opportunity for southern Alberta, particularly communities in the Calgary regional catchment area. Urban dwellers are consistently in awe of the laid-back rural life we often take for granted. Are you ready to share your table, your local knowledge, and your lifestyle with the world? Drop us a line. 


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New, Diverse Crops

With recent changes to the Alberta brewing regulations, micro-breweries are on the rise across the province. Glenwood and district is well situated to take advantage of this new market, by harvesting small batches of specialty hops to new brewers. Other considerations could include hardy new grape varietals for vintners and apples for up and coming micro-cideries. You don't even have to have a lot of land to grow these. 

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Currently residents and visitors to Glenwood do not have access to a service station or card lock operation within the district. The closest gas stations are in Cardston, Pincher Creek, Waterton, and Fort Macleod. You can find more information about the area, and a variety of reports on the Resources Page. 


If this is an opportunity that interests you, or you have an idea to help fill this gap in service, please get in touch with the EDS.  

Air BNB / VRBO Accommodations

The rise of Air BNB and VRBO style accommodations give you the opportunity to make a little (or a lot!) of money for that spare bedroom, mother-in-law suite, or cabin in your back yard. Glenwood and district has little to offer in terms of overnight stays, so if you are willing to and able to host guests to the region, the EDS can connect you with people at agencies like Travel Alberta, and help get your new venture off to a flying start. Get in touch with the EDS. 

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