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Your Outdoor Summer Playground Awaits

Just imagine...waking up to a crystal-clear summer sky that glows pink, orange, then red, before the sun peaks over the horizon.To the west, the Canadian Rockies sparkle in the morning sun with the last of the spring snow. All is crisp and quiet, as you sit down to enjoy your first cup of camp coffee before the rest of your family rises.... 

That's what life looks like at your season-long campsite in the Glenwood area. With three RV parks flanking two different rivers within a 5km radius, you're sure to find a summer place you can call your own - at a price that still allows you and your family to really enjoy your time together. And there are always new adventures to be had in the area - even on the odd rainy day. 

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What is a season-long campground?

Glenwood and District has several privately owned, season-long campsites. Sometimes referred to as an RV Park, a season-long campsite differs from overnight camping in that RV owners rent a campsite for the entire year, rather than on a come and go basis. While some of these campgrounds do allow for overnight guests, these are usually limited to family and friends of clients who have leased an annual site from the campground owner. Spring-Glen Park is co-owned by the villages of Hillspring and Glenwood, and is the only campground that offers overnight camping on a per night basis.